How to install metal roofing over shingles

Metal Roofing over Shingles

Did you know TallerIG delivers metal roofing solutions? That’s right! And in climates where weather can wreak havoc on your house, it is nice to have options for stronger, more durable roofs. A big question is: Can metal roofing be installed over shingles? It can. It takes a few steps and can be beneficial.

According to Metro Area Construction, prior to installing the metal roofing there are two pre-steps. First, ensure that you do not need to pull a permit for the installation. You also need to double check that metal roofing is allowed in the state or county that you live in. The second thing you need to check is how many layers of shingles you already have on your roof. You can only have two layers of roofing on your home. You do not want it to become too heavy. So you might need to scrape off some layers of old roof prior to installing the metal roof.

Once these two steps are taken care of you can move onto actually installing the metal roofing. To install metal roofing over shingles there are a handful of steps.

Choosing the type of metal that will work best

There are a few types of metal roofs for your home to choose from for this application. There is aluminum, zinc, copper, and steel. Depending on your location, aluminum and steel are the most common and least expensive materials. You can get them to look like wood, tiles, shingles, or slate. You need to do the research to choose the style that best fits what you want and your house itself. There are also different thicknesses of the metal, referred to as gauge. Some shapes and types only come in certain thicknesses.

Three examples of types are: stone-coated steel, painted steel, and standing seem. The first of the two can withstand 120 mph of wind and the last can withstand 80 mph. Just make certain you look at all the specs of the metal roofing you want to install. When you need a reliable roofing contractor in North Richland Hills, contact our partners at Gotcha Covered Contracting of Texas!

Prepping the roof for installation

If you need to scrape off layers of shingles, this would be the time to do so. You need to then vent your eaves to guarantee moisture does not get stuck between the layers. This also makes an air gap to trap hot air in the summer. There is another vent that is in the ridge at the top of roofing where the panels come together. This gap can also act as a sound barrier. All positives to installing the metal roof over the shingles. If for some reason you have no shingles left on the roof, you can always add a radiant barrier to help with the heat because metal heats up in the sun more than regular shingles.

Installing your roof

To ensure there is a good air gap, you can make a frame for your metal roofing. You attach it to the frame with nuts and bolts. If you install it directly onto your shingles you use purlins. It is simple and you can do it yourself. If you do it yourself, it can cost the same as installing a shingled roof.