Why choose the bus over flights?

There are many questions that plague the mind of travelers whenever they want to travel. Should I go by bus or travel by plane?
There are many factors that could swing your preference either ways but it basically boils down to price and money.
Will you save more if you take the bus?
Will you also spend less time if you take the flight?

Here are our top reasons why you should choose bus travel over flying:

1. Price
According to a report from Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average cost of flying locally is $388.32 excluding baggage fees and other charges that they might add up later on. But with bus travel, you can spend an average of $30 for the same trip on a motor coach bus. Click here to view charter bus prices

2. Saves Time
Flying doesn’t really save much time when the trip is short. You still have to check into the airport 60 minutes before take-off and then you have to spend extra 30 -45 minutes to get there before the whole journey begins. So, you’re looking at 2hours plus on your time spent trying to get on an airplane. A bus that leaves from New York will get to Philly before you board that plane.

3. Comfort
The seating arrangement in most commercial airlines is nothing close to cozy. You need to fight for elbow space and leg room. It can be difficult at times. A motor coach bus, on the other hand, has fewer people on board with bigger seats and this will be offered to you at a fraction of the cost of a flight. Bus are also great for wedding party transportation, field trips, and overnight travel.

4. Scenery
Flying takes you to high altitudes in the sky and you might not be able to catch the whole view. Sure enough, you might fly over some landmarks but if it’s cloudy, you will only see a puff of white smoke. When you drive by bus travel, you will have to go through them. You will experience the beautiful scenery and will have opportunities to take pictures around. Buses also allow for pit stops and sight-seeing.

5. Road Trip
Traveling by bus is a great opportunity to see the country with friends and family. It makes for a greater experience and excitement. You get to experience the funny highway signs and the road food which could be awesome as well as cheap. It makes for a better experience than flying.

6. Power Outlets and Wi-Fi
Today, bus carriers in most cities in America offer free Wi-Fi for the duration of your trip allowing passengers to catch up with friends on social media, check their emails as well as upload interesting pictures taken on the road. Buses are also getting fancier with more elbow space and leg room for passengers. They also tend to have power outlets to keep your gadgets charged on your trip. Airlines, on the other hand, will charge you an arm and a leg for the luxury of spending some minutes on the internet during your flight.

7. No Missing Bags
When you fly by air, you have to hand over your bags to complete strangers and pray to your god that they will appear at the carousel when you land at your destination. With bus travel, you don’t have to worry about any of these. Usually, you will be right there when your bags are placed in the bin and it will stay there until you pick up at your final destination.
So, decide today. Book your next trip today by bus travel and see what you have been missing out on for the last few years.

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