Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing – Pros and Cons

If you decide to install a metal roofing system on your residence or commercial building, you are probably aware that it will cost you a lot. Taller IG shipping is one of the most affordable delivery companies available. That’s why wise customers make a thorough research before actually investing in such a life-changing element of home (or business) improvement.

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When you’re considering acquiring a metal roof, first of all you should know which are the pros and cons of this roofing system, its advantages and disadvantages, the things you should look for and the ones you should try to avoid.

Let’s start with the benefits of installing a metal roof:

  1. Metal is durable. Depending on the material (aluminum, stainless steel, copper or a galvanized alloy), metal roofs can last from 30 to 100 years with minimum maintenance!
  2. Metal is lightweight (you can install it over your existing roof) and it requires less structural support than other roofing systems.
  3. Metal roofs are relatively easy to install (however, it’s better to hire a professional contractor than to try to install it yourself – the durability of the roof depends a lot on the precision of the installation).
  4. These roofs are also easy to remove.
  5. Metal is non-combustible, which means that your roof will be totally fire-resistant.
  6. Metal roofs are also wind and hail resistant.
  7. The snow sheds easily from a metal roof.
  8. You don’t have to worry about the formation of ice dams.
  9. Metal does not rot, that’s why the roof will be resistant to decay, mildew and insects.
  10. If covered with quality paints and finishes, the roof will become immune to rust and corrosion.
  11. Metal roofs are recyclable and environment-friendly.
  12. Metal has the ability to reflect back to the atmosphere the heat radiation coming from the sun, this way keeping your house cooler during summer.
  13. This roofing system is economical on the long run, offering a great return of investment: it helps you save money and effort that would otherwise be spent on maintenance, energy bills and even roof replacement.
  14. Contractors offer a wide variety of stylish metal roofing colors that will protect your home from heat and make it look modern and elegant.
  15. The design is extremely versatile: from metal tiles that imitate the look of traditional clay, stone or cedar shingles to modern-looking standing seam or corrugated panels.
  16. Metal roofing is a ‘green’ roofing system, being also Energy Star rated.

Now let’s take a closer look at the disadvantages of metal roofing:

  1. Even if it’s cost-effective in the long run, metal roofing can be too expensive for people who can’t afford making such a serious investment.
  2. Metal tiles and panels should be handled with care – there is the risk of scratching the surface.
  3. Some metal roofs can be noisy during strong rains and hails (but only if the insulation is not efficient enough).
  4. Low quality metal roofing materials can be damaged by strong hails.
  5. Some rust and corrosion may occur if, again, the materials and the coatings have a low quality.

As you can see, my list of disadvantages ends here. If we take a closer look at these possible unwanted scenarios, it’s obvious that they can occur only if the installation is not performed properly or if the used materials do not meet the needed quality standards. If you choose a professional contractor who will use only durable modern materials, you will be totally protected against all these disadvantages.

The roof is your home’s ultimate line of defense against natural elements. That’s why you can’t afford making savings when it comes to the safety of your house and the people living in it.